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Managed Access Control System



For the smaller establishment that wishes to have access control but feel they cannot justify the expense of the full software system, Portero GH Security are pleased to announce our new Managed Services option.

This option allows the owner to make use of our range of access control products without the software.  Simply purchase the number of handles you require, specify the number of cards you wish per door and we will do the rest.  The handles are programmed using our software and the cards keyed to your handles.  It is that simple!


Q) What happens if we lose a card?

A) Simply contact us specifying the establishment name and room number and we will create new cards for that room and send them straight out to you.


Q) Do I have to pay for this service?

A) All you pay for is the cost of the new cards and the postage.


Q) How soon will I get the new cards?

A) We will endeavour to get them sent out the same day, subject to postal collection times.


Q) What happens if a service card is lost?

A) Contact us and we will issue you a new card that will override the original lost service card.


Q) Can I use the cards as identification or have a logo on them?

A) Yes you can.  We work closely with a printing company that can print on individual cards subject to a small fee.


Q) What happens if the batteries in the handle go flat?

A) The handle will notify the service card user when the batteries are reaching the end of their time.  As long as fresh batteries are inserted within 10 minutes of the old ones being removed the handle will remember its configuration and can continue to be used.  If the batteries are allowed to go completely flat and the handle needs to be reprogrammed we will reprogram the handle but this will incur a call out charge.

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